More about Nina

Nina is a beautiful and typical female with an athletic body, a lot of bone and good angulations. She became Dutch Champion in 2012, after just a few shows. She is a happy, sensitive and active dog and a great working dog. She has a strong will-to-please and learns fast. She is very pleasant to work with, mainly because she enjoys it so much herself.

After the advanced obedience training we proceeded with search training (tracking) and do this for a couple of years now. She likes it very much! In daily life we have noticed that she is using her nose more often and we are very pleased with this result! In spring 2013 we started Rally-O training. For the near future we have plans to do more of obedience training with her.

In the past we have also joined in agility- and game-training and were in the demonstration team of dog school, where relationship between owner and dog and mutual confidence are important for success.

Apart from being a happy and active dog, Nina is also vigilant and full of temperament and she has a strong character.

She is reserved towards strangers at first, but once she knows you’re o.k., she never gets tired of showing her affection. Familiar people will always be greeted with exuberant joy.

Nina also likes to be taken out for walks and having a good time running and playing. She enjoys all sorts of games. Actually she does everything with great joy and eagerness. Although she can be home alone for a couple of hours, this girl really loves to be with her family.

Cheerful Principessa

Cane Corso Italiano