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Cane Corso Italiano

Cheerful Principessa

We are Tamar & Ruud and live in Alkmaar, Noord Holland with our two dogs and a cat. We are crazy about dogs and completely in love with the Cane Corso Italiano! In 2009 we started our search for a Cane Corso of our own. Very soon we found Corine & Tineke of Kennel Amico del Petto.

Unfortunately they had no pups available at the time, but they directed us to Crt & Nina of Kennel Valgaia in Slovenia. In this kennel was Brihta, daughter of Amico del Petto’s Benga, expecting puppies  from her first pregnancy. What a wonderful opportunity that was!

On August 10th 2009 our ‘Cheerful Principessa’ was born of mother Amico del Petto’s Bright Star (Brihta) and father Ciro Degli Elmi. On October 10th, after waiting eight long weeks, we were expected to collect her in Slovenia. The breeder gave her the name ‘Cheerful Principessa’ and it is a very appropriate name for her, meaning ‘Happy Princess’, but to make things easier for us, we called her Nina, after the kind people who gave her such a wonderful start in life.

This small pup grew up rapidly to today’s strapping girl of 45 kg. She is still a big cuddle-toy and also very eager to learn. She has a strong will to please and likes all sorts of training exercises and enjoys being in our company.

We hope we have a wonderful time with her and we are looking forward to exchange our experiences with you on this site.

We have welcomed another  sweetheart into ‘our family'!

On April 9th 2014 our little 'Be as Jack Sparrow Valgaia' was born of mother Gorizia Valgaia (Fanta) and father Jamiro (Brio). Fanta is Nina’s half sister! On June 7th 2014 we brought Jack home after our vacation in Italy. Two of his sisters and also one brother will be living in Holland too in few weeks! Fun!

If you have any questions or wish to tell us something, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what’s on your mind. We’ll be only too pleased to hear from you.

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